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Itxy Lopez

Current (constant) status: Hungry, tired, but ready to write.

Photo by author (art by my dad)

Good change can be scary — push through the fear.

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Treat yourself like you’d treat a struggling friend.

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  1. You don’t let yourself express emotion
  2. You call yourself stupid when you make a mistake
  3. You get angry with yourself when you can’t resolve your problem
  4. You decide something is wrong with you if you have an off-day

Actor + director Justin Baldoni’s advice for a happier life.

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You’re not doing life wrong — here’s why.

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Epic love stories and more to help you escape + celebrate.

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1. Some Girls Do by Jennifer Dugan

If you want to make more art, stop working so hard.

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1. How to shift your focus from busywork to art you care about

3 kinds of bad days we all have and how to fix them.

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One common piece of advice that’s holding you back from living

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Love is bigger than words.

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1. Read, Watch, or Listen to Their Favorite Things

Itxy Lopez

A self-help writer trying to be as honest as possible and hoping to make people feel less alone along the way.

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