25 Powerful Quotes That Will Make Your Day Better

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Itxy Lopez
7 min readAug 14, 2019


I was stressed and in a bad, unproductive mood all day yesterday. There wasn’t a particular reason for it; it was just one of those days.

You wake up not wanting to get up, and your head’s foggy like a morning at a marina. Your chest feels clogged with anger and sadness, and you wish you could go back to sleep and wake up tomorrow when it’ll be better.

But we can’t do that.

We only have this moment right now to turn our day around and make it the best it can be. That’s why I put together these quotes — for anyone who’s wishing to make today a better day.

1. You’re exactly where you need to be

“I wish I could make you understand, my friend. I wish I could really make you understand that life isn’t a race, that any expectations of you are negligible, that living the experience, trying things in no particular order, really exploring who you are, is not a waste of time — you really aren’t falling behind.”

From The Quarter Life Crisis: A Letter To Every 20 Something Year Old by Sah Kilic

2. It might not feel like it, but you’re on the right path

Looking back, you’ll see how obvious a path it was. You just need to walk it first.

From Focus On Your Interests, They’ll Guide You To Your Profession by Marcus Christiansen

3. Change your life for you

“…we only have a short time to live for ourselves, on our own terms, make our own mistakes, put aside the judgment of people, free ourselves from grudges and be brave enough to make a difference, no matter how bad it might make us look.”

From The long lonely life of being a writer by Wardah Abbas

4. Go with the flow of life

Accepting each reality head-on almost always loosens the knot, and frees up your energy to accept what you can’t change, and change what you can.

From Uncomfortable Truths You Must Accept to Be Happy by Darius Foroux



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