25 Powerful Quotes That Will Make Your Day Better

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I was stressed and in a bad, unproductive mood all day yesterday. There wasn’t a particular reason for it; it was just one of those days.

You wake up not wanting to get up, and your head’s foggy like a morning at a marina. Your chest feels clogged with anger and sadness, and you wish you could go back to sleep and wake up tomorrow when it’ll be better.

But we can’t do that.

We only have this moment right now to turn our day around and make it the best it can be. That’s why I put together these quotes — for anyone who’s wishing to make today a better day.

1. You’re exactly where you need to be

“I wish I could make you understand, my friend. I wish I could really make you understand that life isn’t a race, that any expectations of you are negligible, that living the experience, trying things in no particular order, really exploring who you are, is not a waste of time — you really aren’t falling behind.”

From The Quarter Life Crisis: A Letter To Every 20 Something Year Old by Sah Kilic

2. It might not feel like it, but you’re on the right path

Looking back, you’ll see how obvious a path it was. You just need to walk it first.

From Focus On Your Interests, They’ll Guide You To Your Profession by Marcus Christiansen

3. Change your life for you

“…we only have a short time to live for ourselves, on our own terms, make our own mistakes, put aside the judgment of people, free ourselves from grudges and be brave enough to make a difference, no matter how bad it might make us look.”

From The long lonely life of being a writer by Wardah Abbas

4. Go with the flow of life

Accepting each reality head-on almost always loosens the knot, and frees up your energy to accept what you can’t change, and change what you can.

From Uncomfortable Truths You Must Accept to Be Happy by Darius Foroux

5. There is no such thing as a step backward

It’s hard to see it that way, but imagine that success is on top of a staircase and every failure is just another step toward where you’re supposed to be.

From This is My Exact Schedule For a Perfectly Productive Day by 𝔖𝔥𝔞𝔯𝔬𝔫𝔢 ℌ𝔬𝔲𝔯𝔦

6. Remember: you’re in control of your thoughts

“I do anything to prevent my thoughts from invading my brain. I find this method useful because I spend so much time distracting my mind that it doesn’t have time to keep bringing up the worst-case scenarios.

Every time my mind thinks of the worse-case, I change the ending.”

From Your Mind is Powerful But It Doesn’t Have To Win by Salathia Richburg

7. In the end, you win

Trust that your hard work will bring you precisely what you deserve.

From 10 Philosophical Quotes To Help You Absolutely Crush Your Day by Michal Bernolak

8. What’s really going on around you?

The insecurities and doubts you feel are rooted in emotion. But have you tried looking at the facts?

From I Have Bad Months on Medium and You Will Too by Shannon Ashley

9. Do the work and trust the process

I know that the harder you try to chase things like a book deal or bestseller status or page views here on Medium or money — the faster they run.

I know that I am happiest when I just write because I have a story I want to tell, and trust that what’s supposed to happen at the end, will. Including the possibility that I’ve told the story just for myself.

From The Courage to be an Absolute Nobody by Shaunta Grimes

10. Good things are coming your way

It may feel like you aren’t improving but keep doing what you should be, and you will experience breakthroughs.

From Quit Thinking Reaching Your Goals Will Be Easy by Gregory Alan

11. Do what works best for you

This means you don’t need to follow some CEO’s day step-by-step to accomplish your goals. You just need to create the kind of day that optimizes your own habits.

From Be More Productive By Creating A Personalized Schedule by Kyrie Gray

12. You have so much time

You will have multiple lives, and you will morph into many versions of yourself. It will never really be too late to start something, and you can quit almost everything you start. Your Latin degree might end up being a nonstarter in the real world, or maybe it won’t; so much of life comes down to luck. There can be more degrees. There will be so many chances. And no matter what anyone says, you will be young for a very long time.

From You Will Be Young for a Very Long Time by June Beaux

13. Be better than you were yesterday

…only compete with yourself. Improve a little bit every single day, and you’ll win.

From How To Grow Your Audience as a Writer by Jim Woods

14. Keep going

So don’t give up, okay? Give it another week, another month. Just keep going as long as you can, and then see what happens.

From 5 Easy Ways to Fail at Medium by Brian Rowe

15. Give everything you want a try

There will never be a “right time” to take on a massive commitment — only the here and now.

From 5 Days of Intensive Writing Did More for Me than the Last 5 Years by Gillian Sisley

16. Weird advice: embarrass the hell out of yourself

If you want to do something but people are telling you that you’ll embarrass yourself — forget what they say and do it anyway.

Sure you may make a fool of yourself — but I don’t know about you but I’d rather get beaten on the field than shrivel up on the sidelines.

From If You Aren’t Prepared to Embarrass Yourself You’ll Never Win by Michael Thompson

17. Make the best of this moment

The poet Heraclitus said, “One day is equal to every day.” Today could be that amazing day for you. Today could be how you want life to be. You just have to choose for it to be. Or rather, stop choosing for it not to be.

From You Could Have Today. Instead You Choose Tomorrow by Ryan Holiday

18. You have to get through all the bad

If you can put up with the ugliest scene in your hero’s journey, then you deserve every second of the glory.

From Before You Start, Decide How Far You’ll Go by Elena Goudelias

19. Don’t aim for happiness, just be happy

I want to see what I can get done until I die. I don’t want contentment. I don’t know if I even want to be happy. I just want to get really good at what I love.

If you want to get really good at what you love too, own it.

Don’t let people around you make you feel bad for having a little ambition. Don’t buy into the coded messages — there are no rules. You can do whatever you want as long as it’s legal — all other barriers (while some being very credible and even harsh) are perceived.

From How to Become the Best in the World At What You Do by Ayodeji Awosika

20. You are worth more than how much you get done

Your achievements are not all that will matter at the end of the day.

You are not the sum of your mistakes.

You are stronger than your moments of weakness.

From Your Worth Does Not Depend on Your Productivity by Jake Daghe

21. Meet your expectations, forget everyone else’s

The truth is, you can define success a hundred different ways — the only thing that matters is whether or not you’ve met the expectation you have for yourself.

From 9 Things You Should Work on in Your 20s If You Want to Be Successful by Nicolas Cole

22. You have to be happy with yourself

If you don’t feel adequately whole and worthy of love without affirmation from strangers, you’ll never feel whole even with it.

From The One Question to Ask Yourself Before Posting on Social Media by Linda Smith

23. Stop comparing yourself to others

When you let go of how others perceive you, you become free to pursue an authentic relationship with yourself.

From If I Could Re-Do My 20s, This Is What I Would Change by Rebeca Ansar

24. Take the emotion out of your problem, and figure out what’s wrong

We waste too much time by fighting reality and complaining about the unfairness of things we cannot control.

…Take a step back from the emotional rollercoaster and assess your situation logically instead of emotionally.

From The Time Management Secret Nobody Talks About by Barry Davret

25. You are growing, and that’s great!

Have the courage to be imperfect. Tell yourself that you are a work-in-progress, moving along the learning curve all the time.

From Harsh Lessons I’ve Learned From Entrepreneuring by Stephen Moore

If you’re having a crappy day so far, remember it doesn’t need to end that way. You can turn it around, starting right now.

Make a list of things you’re grateful for, take a break from work and watch an episode of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, call your mom, or grab lunch with your friends instead of eating alone.

Do something right now that could make your shitty day the best day ever.

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