Although, I'm a pretty avid reader, I love learning about how people tackle their reading. I agree that if people want to read more often, it does require sacrifice and time. It depends on how bad they want to read, or how many books, too.

I do a lot of the same things you do: I bought a Kindle (which I love), I use Goodreads to track my books (which is super motivating), and I read as often as I can.

I also make sure to vary the books I read. I'll go from a huge Stephen King book to a Neil Gaiman's children. book to YA.

Honestly, the number one thing that matters is reading books you enjoy. If you read something because you feel like you're supposed to read it or because everyone else is, you're not going to enjoy reading.

Great post! Thanks for sharing.



I’m a self-discovery writer: I write as I grow, make mistakes, and learn. It’s a celebration of humanness.

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