Do You Need to Have an Opinion About Everything?

Use your energy to make the world better — not to add to the madness.

A couple of nights ago, Louis C.K made an offensive joke. Whatever the joke was doesn’t matter. What matters was the reaction people had.

People on Twitter were, naturally, angry. I understand why, but all I could think was, “Really? We’re going to get angry again?”

We’re always angry about something.

More often than not, I’ll log on to social media and see that another actor said another dumb thing that’s genuinely offensive. I always get pissed, but sometimes, I wonder, “What’s the point?”

What am I going to do? Tweet this celebrity, tell them they’re assholes, and then they’ll see it?

I’m wasting energy on someone who doesn’t even know I exist.

Anger is a great tool — there’s no denying that.

I think it’s great that some people get angry enough that someone who did something bad notices and changes their belief or perspective. However, not everything is worth getting furious over.

Louis C.K. doesn’t give a fuck about what you say about him because he hasn’t before. What makes anyone think he’s going to care now?

Your precious energy could be used to make the world a better place rather than adding to the madness.

I’m not saying you can’t be angry. There are topics and problems we’re all passionate about that will never fail to elicit strong emotion from us.

When Melissa Benoist released a video this week revealing that she’s a victim of domestic violence, I was hurt for her and infuriated at the man who’d hurt her because my siblings and I watch Supergirl every Sunday night, and we’ve grown to love what we know of her.

However, if I get mad at every mistake someone makes — someone like Kanye West, who I don’t even give a shit about — I’ll waste away. If Logan Paul pulls some more crap, do I really want to be mad with the rest of the world?

We can’t care about everything.

I’m not saying I don’t get mad when I read about another sexist, homophobic, or racist comment someone made, but I can’t spend too much energy on it.

I’m only making myself angrier, and what good is that going to do anyone?

If you feel passionate about a topic, do something about it. Social media is powerful, but your one tweet might not even be seen.

Instead, start an entire account, make a website, and spread awareness about this one topic.

If that’s not something you’re willing to do — and most of us are already focused on trying to make the world a better place through other ways — then stop getting angry about it.

Sometimes, when I see a moment about how an artist did yet another racist thing, I want to retweet with a comment to add my own two cents. However, I never do because my words won’t add anything to the mix.

If I feel strongly about it, I’ll write a goddamn article, but on Twitter, I’ll only get a few likes and retweets of agreements, and that’s it. I won’t change anything.

There’s a lot of evil in the world, and it’s fucking terrible, but if we continue to get mad and have an opinion about everything, we’re going to burn inside.

Your opinions are valid, but the truth is, we don’t always need to hear it — and I say that in the nicest way possible.

Knowing that I don’t have to post about everything people fuck up on is liberating.

Sometimes it feels as though you have to say something or else people will think you’re on the wrong side, but those “people” aren’t paying attention to that. They’ll notice if you say something, but they won’t notice if you won’t.

Save your time, energy, and anger for topics that are close to your heart, issues you’re doing something about.

You don’t need to have an opinion about everything. Let that fill you with relief. Set the anger aside and focus on spreading positivity and love in the best way you know how: through your art.

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