Don’t Forget to Be Grateful for Yourself This Year

5 reasons why you should be thankful for yourself.

Today, you’ll read lots of pieces about why you should be thankful and articles where writers list what they’re grateful for.

I love that, today especially, people take the time to remember how much they have and that they’re fortunate to have a loving family or supportive friends.

However, there’s one person always missing from those lists. This is one person you should be most grateful for: yourself.

We always seem to forget ourselves, don’t we?

But if you think about it, there are endless reasons why you should take the time to acknowledge and be grateful for you.

1. You are here

You may have experienced moments this year that made you believe you wouldn’t be here right now. You didn’t know how you’d survive or make it to the end of the year, but here you are.

Be grateful for your strength.

Every day, even if you were hurt or tired, you were strong enough to get up from bed to try and do something. Even if you didn’t get up until four in the afternoon, you stood, didn’t you?

Be grateful for your bravery. It’s easy to feel defeated by the things that go wrong in our lives, but you were brave enough to tackle every day anyway.

2. You changed your own life

You’re probably grateful to a family member, friend, or even a celebrity for changing your life, but you’re forgetting that they merely pushed you in the right direction.

You were the one who changed your life. You summoned every piece of courage within you and did what was necessary to grow and be a better person.

You can’t forget to be thankful for the person who actually did the work. Celebrate yourself and the love you had for you, which was strong enough to guide you to the right place.

3. You changed lives

Just as you had people push you to change, you pushed others to change too. Today, be thankful for having the guts to share your story.

Whether you shared a part of your life with someone through conversation, writing, art, a song, or anything else, you touched that person, and you may have changed the course of their lives.

Perhaps you inspired someone to come out to their family, to quit their job and follow their dream, to tell who they love how they really feel.

No matter how big or small your impact, it is still impact.

4. You did epic things

Perhaps you skydived for the first time this year. Maybe you launched a blog, became a parent, or volunteered in a homeless shelter.

You stepped out of your comfort zone, put others before you when it was needed, and you did something epic.

Whatever epic thing you did — even if you finished reading a book for the first time in three years — acknowledge it.

Make a list of things you accomplished this year, and you’ll see you did a lot more than you think.

You’ll see that you’re more fucking badass than you thought.

5. You are trying to love yourself more

Not everyone will click this article, and not everyone will read it, but you did. And five-hundred words later you’re still here.

That’s a testament to how much you love yourself. For a couple of minutes, you put yourself first today to see how you could be grateful for yourself.

Every step you take toward trying to fall in love with yourself more counts and this step counts too. Take notice of your willingness to grow, to change, to be better.

Some people are okay with staying in the same place throughout their lives., but you’re not satisfied with normal or with the status quo.

And that, my friend, is fucking awesome.

Happy Thanksgiving! Now, get off your phone and stop procrastinating cooking that turkey.

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