Find Joy in the Little Things, and Make Today Epic

Today is a good day, and tomorrow will be too.

Today, the alarm rang, and instead of getting up, you fell back into a deep sleep — which you never permit yourself to do.

The soft blanket was whispering on every inch of your body for you to stay, and you gave in as easily as a newborn. Your pillow was shouting the same, so to quiet it, you lay your head on top of it.

You didn’t mean to fall asleep as long as you did (an hour and a half), but you wouldn’t go back to change a thing.

You feel fully awake now, your mind is ready to begin the day, and you follow your heart to your laptop to write.

You drop your fingers on the keys, and they dance to their own beat, the clicking of the buttons their music. The blank page becomes home to your words, and it welcomes them with an open door.

There is no struggle, and for that, you are grateful.

Today, the cold is sharp.

It’s not the type of cold you feel any time of the year other than these last few months. It’s a holiday kind of breeze — crisp and fresh even if the sun is out and shining.

It makes you crave pumpkin spice lattes that taste like Halloween and peppermint mochas that taste like Christmas.

The weather makes you want to sit on the couch and prepare for a night filled with candy and Stephen King books.

This cold makes you feel like tiny vampires are biting your skin, but it lets you wear comfortable hoodies and throw on an extra blanket when you sleep at night.

The cold both pushes you away and draws you in — and you like the way it plays you.

Today, the hazelnut coffee is toasty and excellent.

The sweet aroma invades the living room, the bedrooms upstairs, and even the crooks and crannies of your home.

The heat doesn’t just travel through your throat and down to warm your stomach. It hugs your home in a warm way that reminds you of your grandmother.

The rich flavor takes your hand and moves it toward the butter croissants you have laid out on the table, so you can combine the flavor to make your taste buds explode.

You feel so at peace that even the dog barking across the street is meaningless background noise.

Today is a good day.

Today reminds you of sitting at the marina bay park, where the water is still, and the sounds of leashes and skateboards add to the peace.

Today reminds you of Christmas, when you sit around the dinner table, laughing with your friends and family about things that wouldn’t make sense to anyone else.

Today reminds you to appreciate all the small things in your life and to find joy in the in-between moments.

Today reminds you to be grateful for the taste of your coffee, the warmth of your blanket, and the way the weather brings memories and excitement.

Today is a good day. Tomorrow will be too.

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