How to Live Your Life From a Place of Love

Not anger, jealousy, or revenge.

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In February of this year, 2019, I got a small heart tattooed on my upper forearm. It represents a phrase I try to live by: Live your life from a place of love.

I read about the concept in Gabby Bernstein’s book, “The Universe Has Your Back,” and it stuck with me ever since.

To live from a place of love means that every action you take comes from a love for yourself, others, or your dreams.

Your actions could come from a love for a non-profit, the will to have exciting new experiences, or a new car, even.

You shouldn’t live your life from a place of revenge, anger, hatred, or jealousy.

What does it mean to live from a place of love?

Let’s say you have a goal to see a new car parked in your driveway by mid-2020.

There are two types of ways to make that dream a reality. You can either work from a place of love or work from a place of, in this case, jealousy.

To work hard toward your goal from a place of love means you take action because you genuinely want the car.

Your current car is ten-years-old, and you want to treat yourself because you’ve worked hard in the last couple of years.

You want your kids to have an air conditioner that works and to plug-in your phone so you and your partner can sing songs from the top of your lungs.

To work hard toward achieving your aim from a place of jealousy means you want the car because the coworker, Brett, you loathe bought it and is making you feel embarrassed about your ten-year-old vehicle.

You don’t care that your car is old. You’ve never been particularly interested in automobiles. Your current car gets you where you need to go, and that’s all that matters to you.

But you can’t stand that Brett got a new car and is making you feel poor, so you work toward buying it too. That’ll show him.

Who’s going to be happier about the car when it’s sitting in their driveway?

Spoiler alert: Not jealous-you.

You’re going to get the car, feel a moment of satisfaction, and… that’s it. You’ll arrive at work, ready to show off your new vehicle to Brett, and you’ll end up angry and disappointed because Brett doesn’t give a shit.

Now, you have a new car you don’t want, and you miss your old one. You wish you’d saved your money for that trip you’ve wanted to take for a while now.

The you that lived from a place of love, though — they’re going to be ecstatic as fuck.

You might go with your entire family to buy the vehicle. Later, you’ll drive by the beach, singing songs, blasting that AC, and enjoy every moment of it. You’ll feel fulfilled.

This is because you wanted the car and what it’d bring you from a place of love. You did it for you and your family — not anyone else.

Recognize your mistake and forgive yourself

When you realize you took action without truly thinking about it, you can’t help but feel like it’s the end of the world.

A couple of months ago, I couldn’t write anything. I tried and tried, but everything I wrote was shit. It took a conversation with a friend to realize that it was because I wasn’t creating from a place of love.

I was creating because I wanted to prove people wrong, and the pressure to succeed was holding me back from writing.

Once I realized that, I felt guilty and like I’d wasted time. I knew better than to write to succeed rather than because I love it. A couple of years ago, I would’ve beaten myself up for this.

However, I’ve learned that what’s important is that you recognize your mistake, and then forgive yourself.

We’re human, and we’re going to fuck up a lot more. We’ll say things we regret when we’re hurt and do things we don’t like to impress people.

How to realign yourself with love

It’s not the end of the world when you do something in a place out of love. This is why Gabby Bernstein suggests that you pay attention to what you do, and when you realize your mistake, realign yourself with love.

Gabby has many suggestions in her book on how to do this, but the one I use is a mantra. This helps me remember my goal, and I do what I can to get back on the right track.

Before I take the next step, I ask myself if it aligns with love or from a darker place. If it’s from love, I continue. if it’s not, I readjust.

This is the mantra I use. It’s a direct quote from Gabby’s book:

You always have the choice to change and make things better.

If you said something you regret, you could apologize right now. If you realize you’re doing something only because you want to prove some asshole wrong, change your reason for taking action.

The other mantra I use is, “I choose to realign yourself with love.”

I don’t want to be someone who doesn’t live her life from what she thinks is best. That’s why I chose to figure out what the next, better steps are.

Try to live as your higher-self would — no matter what or who the Universe put in front of you. If you stumble and fall, pick yourself up, tell yourself it’s okay, and then jump right back into the path.

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