How to Stop Being a Dick

What’s the point of your shitty comment?

I don’t know know why people feel the need to be assholes.

I’m not excluding myself from “people,” by the way. I can be a dick sometimes, too. I’ll blank out while my sister talks to me, and I say mean things, or I’ll snap at my mom.

But we all do crappy things we regret. I’m not saying it’s okay — I’m saying, we’re human, and messing up like that is a part of life.

No one goes their life without hurting someone they love at some point.

The difference between us and consistent dickwads is that we don’t typically mean to do and say crappy stuff. The dickwads go out and search for places to spread their negativity as if it were their purpose in life.

This article is specifically for the people who feel the need to be dicks all the time, especially online. These trolls leave nasty comments, send you private messages, and will hate on everyone.

Since I know at least one of those bullies will read this, I thought I’d write them an article.

“How to Stop Being a Dick,” I called it. Nice, simple, and to the point.

1. The people you prey on give zero shits about you

I’m sure you have friends and family who love you, but the people you prey on? They don’t give a crap. You’re nothing but a blip.

I run a Facebook group, and we laugh at the trolls.

Unfortunately, there will be some people who care. You’ll hurt them. They might cry and feel broken-hearted, and they might even give up on their dreams.

Tell me, is that what you want? Do you want to say you destroyed lives and careers?

I doubt it. You might be a consistent dick, but I don’t think you’re evil and heartless.

I just think you’re a little sad — and maybe even a little jealous?

Don’t be sad. If you’re jealous, do something about your dream.

2. Remember: You’re going to die

When you leave hate comments, you’re wasting your time. A while ago, someone left a comment on one of my articles that wasn’t my favorite comment of all time.

They just wasted their time. I didn’t read through the whole thing, and I didn’t reply. I actually felt a little bad for them because they wasted time they’re not getting back.

Remember, you’re going to die. Every precious second you spend hating on people is a second wasted in your life.

Is that worth it?

3. Ask yourself: What’s the point of your shitty comment?

What exactly are you trying to accomplish when you leave a negative comment on someone’s story?

As I said, the majority of people don’t care about what you’ve got to say. And about two-thirds of the people who do care will only think about you for a couple of hours, and then you’ll be forgotten.

But congratulations, I guess. You managed to hurt someone for a whole two hours! But now you’re forgotten — so what’s the point of your shitty comment?

4. Be the opposite of a dick

You’ve got some good in you — I know you do. Maybe you’ve forgotten it, or it was extinguished like a fire by something crappy that happened to you.

Life sucks a lot sometimes — like, a lot a lot. However, some people have gone through hell, and they still manage to be kind.

The world’s fucked up as it. Rather than adding to the madness, spread that light you’ve got inside.

If you feel like crap, being mean to people won’t make you feel better.

So, please — I’m fucking begging you — be nice.

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