How to Support Other Medium Writers If You Don’t Have Time

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I have to admit, I used to go days without reading other people’s work on Medium because “I didn’t have time.”

It sucks that I did that.

People read my work, wasn’t it only fair that I supported others too? Or did I want to collect praise, but never offer any back? Is that the person I wanted to be?

Hell no.

So, I started carving out time to support my fellow Medium writers because they deserve to get reads, claps, comments, and money.

We’re all a bunch of writers just trying to make it in the world of writing. Our backgrounds, race, sexual orientations — none of that matters. We have one thing in common, and that is our love for writing.

We have no choice but to support the hell out of each other.

1. Schedule time for reading

Pick a time you’ll read, and stick to it. Whether you choose to read for fifteen minutes, twenty, or an hour is up to you.

I like to read for half an hour since it lets me get through at least five stories. (I’m a slow reader and get easily distracted.)

When you carve reading into your schedule rather than just hoping you’ll have time later, you know you’re more likely to get around to it.

2. Listen on-the-go

Medium has the option to listen to articles, which you can access through your phone by going to your Home tab and then clicking the headphones logo in the top left corner.

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You can listen to articles while you drive to work, pick your kids up from school, or even while you eat a meal on the kitchen table by yourself.

3. Read during the in-between moments

If I don’t make time to read, I’ll read stories during my in-between moments. If I want to take a quick break from writing, I’ll open Medium on my phone.

If I’m waiting at the dentist, at the mall, or in the car (not while driving, obviously), I’ll read. You’d be surprised how many articles you can get through.

When I asked how many stories the womxn in my Facebook group read per day, Gillian May said she reads five to ten in the morning when she has her coffee.

So, you don’t even have to carve out time, but rather weave it into an already existing routine (i.e., just like driving and listening to essays).

4. Remember to clap and/or comment

If you can — if a particular story struck a chord, inspired you, or if you loved it — comment.

But at least remember to clap for every piece you read and liked. How ever many claps you want to leave is up to you.

It rarely happens, but I’ve read at least five articles I liked and forgot to clap because I got distracted last minute.

Remember, claps are money. And all writers want that shit whether they admit or not.

5. Follow them on social media

If you genuinely don’t have time to read any posts today, then take a moment to follow writers on social media or like their Facebook pages.

You’re going to go on social media anyway, so you might as well do something while you’re there to support your fellow writers.

If you open a writer’s profile, most of them have their Twitter or Facebook linked. Click, and you’ll be taken to their profile page.

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It costs $0.00 to be a nice person.


Support writers not because you want their support in return but because you genuinely want to them reach their goals — and because you love to read.

Be a nice person. That’s it.

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