If You’ve Lost Faith in the Universe, Read This

3 times the Universe came through for me.

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It’s not always easy to believe in something bigger than yourself. Whether you believe in God, the Universe, Destiny, or anything else, some days it’s hard to trust something you can’t see.

You don’t know if you really are being guided or if you’re stumbling around like a fool. It’s okay if sometimes you lose your faith a little. That doesn’t mean you don’t genuinely believe — it makes you human.

However, if you’ve lost your belief in the Universe, and want to hear something that will make you trust again, here are three times the Universe came through for me.

1. Eighteen

For my last semester of high school, I decided to join my school’s band to learn the saxophone. The first day of band class came, and my teacher called me into his office to teach me the basics of the alto saxophone.

By the end, he said, “You’ll have to buy reeds.” If you don’t know what a reed is, it’s a strip of material that vibrates to produce sound on instruments such as a saxophone, clarinet, and more. (Thanks, Wikipedia.)

Anyway, I asked the teacher, “How much does that cost?”

Casually, he replied, “About $20.00.”

I had to stop my eyes from widening, but that didn’t stop the tears from gathering in them. As he turned, I blinked them away as fast as I could.

You’re probably wondering why I was so dramatic. It’s only $20.00. Well, at the time, my family was struggling badly financially. We could barely afford food every day.

How was I going to ask for twenty dollars when it could go to a meal?

I walked out of class with no idea what to do. I was too embarrassed to ask the teacher for help. (I wish I’d understood at eighteen I had nothing to be ashamed of.)

After class — band was my last period — I got into my friend’s car because we were going to go to another friend’s house. As we left the school parking lot, I started crying.

I told her everything that’d been going on at home and how I had to buy something I didn’t think we could afford. She assured me my parents would find a way to make the money, and I believed her.

I’d calmed down by the time we arrived at my other friend’s house.

While hanging out in the kitchen, that friend asked me how the band class had gone. I told her and casually complained about how I couldn’t afford reeds.

“Oh, I have some reeds,” she said. “ I can give you some if you want.”

This time, I didn’t stop my eyes from widening. “Why do you have reeds?”

“I played the sax a few years ago, and I have a box of reeds still laying around.”

I almost laughed with relief. What were the chances she’d played the same instrument years ago and had kept some old, unused reeds? Gratefully, I took them, and I thanked the Universe in my head.

2. Twenty

I don’t believe in the stuff of Zodiac Signs. Sometimes I’ll click articles with titles like, “What You Should Look For in a Partner Based on Your Sign,” for shits and giggles, but I don’t believe what they say.

However, one day, I decided to believe in it because it said what I needed to hear exactly. Before I talk more about that, let me give some backstory.

When I was eighteen, I started a blog. In the beginning, I was pumped. I enjoyed writing about whatever I wanted, making free leads, and having a website under my name. I uploaded every week and tried to promote my work as often as I could.

Eventually, though, the excitement started to wear off. By the time I was twenty, I had dreaded the work. I didn’t have fun writing anymore, and I had to force myself to open my iPad to write yet another article.

The work became repetitive, but I didn’t want to quit because I had nothing else to do with my life, and I’d expected so much from the blog. I wanted to become a big, famous, and rich blogger, and this is the way I’d planned to do it.

I couldn’t possibly quit even though every part of me told me I had to.

I felt like it was time to move to bigger and better things and try new challenges. I wanted to take a step back and rediscover myself and reevaluate my goals.

After debating for months, the Universe decided to step in.

I used to love reading articles on Thought Catalog, and one day, I decided to read one based on Zodiac signs. I think the article was titled something along the lines of what August should be about for you.

So, I clicked it and scrolled down to Sagittarius. From the first sentence, I knew it was the sign I’d been looking for. It read, “Deep down, you know that this is a time of reinvention for you.”

I took a screenshot as I continued reading because I felt those words for written just for me. It was what I’d been searching for and feeling.

screenshot by author

I knew these words were published at the perfect time, and I decided to trust the Universe’s message. A few days later, I announced I was shutting down my blog and started a new adventure.

Now I run a new blog, and through that blog, I stumbled on Medium. And I couldn’t be more fucking grateful for this platform.

3. Twenty-one

I already wrote a story about how the Universe pushed me to become a writer on Medium. This sign from the Universe is a longer story.

It’s one of my favorite stories to tell because the Universe pushed me off the cliff without warning. Luckily, the net appeared eventually. If you’d like to read it, here’s the link:

If you’re reading this, it’s most likely because you’ve lost faith in the Universe since you’re not getting something you want.

Maybe you’ve been wanting a raise for the past six months and haven’t gotten it, or after months of looking, you still can’t find a home for your growing family.

Think about this: Perhaps you’re not getting what you want for a reason.

Probably you’re looking for a house with three rooms, but the Universe will help you stumble upon a four-room house for a great price. Maybe you haven’t a gotten raise because you’re about to get a promotion with a raise higher than you expected.

Don’t lose your faith in the Universe. Trust Her, and trust your journey. In the end, everything will be okay.

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