No One Is Ever Absolutely Right

Which is why you must form your own opinion.

Last night, I wrote an article called Is Spending Too Much Money on “Things” a Problem? My answer, in the piece, was no. The point was that as long as you invest money on what you genuinely want, and have enough to spend, then you’re good to go.

I received a comment that read, “People preaching minimalism will shake their heads reading your story.”

This person is right. A minimalist would disagree with me and proclaim that fewer materials make a person happy.

For a moment, I wondered if I shouldn’t have written that piece. Should I not be spending money on the products?

Perhaps the minimalists aren’t wrong in their belief that we shouldn’t spend too much money on “unnecessary” expenses.

But I’ve seen the homes of minimalists. The lack of paintings on the walls, furniture, and clothing give me the chills. I don’t like a crowded house, but I don’t love the opposite, either.

That’s when I realized that just as a minimalist wouldn’t apply my philosophy, I wouldn’t apply theirs. That’s the end of it.

I don’t have to disagree with them. They don’t need to disagree with me. Contrary to popular belief, we don’t need to disagree with every opinion different from ours.

The minimalists think they’re right when they say less is more. They are right — to minimalists everywhere. However, their beliefs aren’t a universal fact. Neither is mine.

This is why we can’t disagree with each other. It’s also why we can’t continue wondering which “side” is right.

There’s a popular debate amongst Medium writers about personal blogs. Some believe you should start one, and others — like me — disagree.

However, there is no general right or wrong answer. There is only a right or wrong answer for you.

Rather than going back and forth, questioning who to listen to, you need to decide based on what will and will not work for you at this moment. (Yes, at this moment. Making a choice doesn’t mean you need to stick with it forever. You’re allowed to change your mind.)

I don’t want a personal blog because I ran one for nearly three years, and I was miserable.

You might feel the same way; you might not. That’s for you to decide. And not just about minimalism or personal blogs, but every aspect of life.

You’ll always hear, read, and learn about opposing views. Other than significant discussions that shouldn’t even be discussions — such as whether or not a woman should be treated equally — there’s no hard right or wrong.

If you don’t know whether to wake up at five in the morning, as some people suggest or if you should rise when you please, then try them both.

Neither point of view is 100% right for the entire world. It’s only right for them.

If you realize waking up at five makes you miserable, then go the fuck back to bed. It’s a simple choice. If it doesn’t work for you, and if it’s harming you, let it go.

There’s no point in wondering which path you should take because you don’t know which is entirely right. There isn’t one.

There will only be a right — and wrong, for that matter — for you.

You have to pick a side, and then test it to see if it works for you. When you finally settle on a decision, don’t go around disagreeing with the other “side.” Perhaps they tried your idea, and it didn’t work for them.

That doesn’t mean they’re wrong. It also doesn’t mean you’re right.

It’s merely a reminder that we’re all wired differently — nothing more, nothing less.

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