Stop Complaining About How Little Claps You Earned

and just write another story.

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Last night, I published an article and woke up to see I’d only earned five claps on it. (Now, it has ninety-five.)

I’m not going to lie and say I wasn’t disappointed. I think it’s an important story, and I wish more people would read it. However, I’m not going to let that disappointment simmer for more than a minute.

I don’t exactly know why that article didn’t do well, or why it wasn’t curated, but I do know I can’t waste any time freaking out about it. I have some suspicions, and those are good enough for me.

Im taking and rolling with those mistakes and trying to do better today.

You can’t focus on the bad

I could sit here, burning with anger about such little claps on a post, but what good is that going to do me? I’ll only waste time and make myself feel bad.

There’s never a point in swimming in your “failure” over little claps, not getting curated, or receiving fewer views than last time. You screwed up — there’s nothing more to it.

The only reason you can spend time in your mistake is to reflect on it. What was the mistake? What did you learn? How can you apply those lessons for the next article you write?

Other than that, your worry needs to go out the window because it won’t do you any good.

Are you embarrassed?

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I’m pretty embarrassed about the number of claps I received. Some of my articles might only get a handful of readers, but at least I surpass a hundred claps.

But embarrassment is a part of the process.

Medium publications will reject you, and you’ll have to tell anyone you told you’d submitted to one that they denied you. You’ll pour your heart out in an article and earn a few reads.

You’ll share a post to Facebook and get zero likes — and all your friends and family will be able to see that.

Writing can be an embarrassing process, but the only thing you can do is deal with it.

Push down your shame and try again until one day, you have a thousand claps, some likes and shares, and responses.

I’m sorry your story didn’t get as many claps as you wanted it to — I genuinely am, because you probably worked hard on it.

But you have to stop thinking about it and write something else. And I say this not to be a dick, but because I want to see you succeed.

Complaining won’t earn you more claps

You can complain in your Facebook group, to your best friend, or your mom, but no amount of whining and crying is going to get those numbers up.

If you truly want more readers for your story, share it again.

Submit it to another publication and distribute it on social media. Edit the title and subtitle to make them more eye-catching. If it hasn’t been curated, wait it out. If it wasn’t curated, you could still get lots of readers anyway.

Complaining won’t do anything for you. What you can do is take action to make things better.

If you realize now that you don’t care about the article as much as you thought you did, then create another piece.

The key is that you try again and take action. You could be just one article away from going viral, getting two thousand claps, or getting featured in a major publication.

Focus on your goal

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I have a goal to make $200 by the end of the month.

Do you know how I won’t reach it? By wasting time complaining about how my last post didn’t do as well as I wished.

To achieve my aim, I can only do one thing: Write more.

I’m going to take those reasons why I think the article didn’t do well and avoid doing them this time around. Then, I’m going to edit, publish, and share my story.

By writing and uploading more posts, I have a bigger chance of reaching my goal.

I’m not going to spend time dwelling on my mistakes because it’ll only hold me back from my aim.

You don’t have a choice but to give your dream all of your attention. Let the vision you have for yourself push you to try again instead.

Focus on your goal and work toward it. That’s what matters.

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