The One Goal Every Writer Should Have

The best way to help someone is by sharing your truth.

I have a lot of goals as a writer, but there’s one goal that stands out and matters to me more than the rest. That goal is to become a real writer. As in, a writer who talks about her experiences openly; someone transparent, vulnerable, and honest.

I want to inspire and help people, but more than anything, I want to help people feel less alone. It’s with honest stories and through sharing my own experiences, struggles, and problems that I will achieve that.

There’s no doubt that writing about what hurts, your most difficult experiences in life, and the topics that truly matter to you is hard, but those articles — the ones where writers speak their truth — are the ones that stick with me.

I love them because I can connect with them on a deeper level. They make me feel less alone and that I’m not strange or weak for feeling what I feel. Those articles remind me it’s okay to have the doubts, fears, and insecurities I have.

Tesia Blake said it perfectly in her article, “Write about Your Own Feelings If You Want Readers to Relate.” She said:

That’s the beauty of a story, it connects us to one another not through the details of what happened, but through the feelings we experience in every situation.

We remember the stories we connect with

It’s the authentic stories I read that receive the most claps from me, that I share with my friends, that I can look back to on the extra hard days.

We should all strive to be that type of writer. We should learn to translate our thoughts and feelings, and what we go through, not into superficial words people need to dissect to find meaning, but clear phrases that let readers know exactly how we feel.

Too many of us are writing listicles that don’t matter, articles that hide who we are, and stories that share advice not even we follow.

It’s honorable that you’re trying to help others, but the best way to help someone is by sharing your truth.

Don’t be like everyone else

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Don’t become the writer who tells people to do the things you’ve been avoiding. I did that for two years when I ran my first blog, and I felt like a fraud.

I wasn’t doing it on purpose or with bad intentions; I was just trying to help people, but I couldn’t help others until I helped myself.

I don’t want people to look at me as someone who has the answer to everything, or as someone who doesn’t struggle, because that’s not real life.

I don’t care if people find out that I don’t have my crap together.I want people to read my writing and remember they’re not the only ones who feel lost and confused.

That’s what I want them to see because there are already millions who are putting up a front on social media and showing a life that isn’t real. A dream life with pictures by the pool, beautiful hotel views, and no problems at all.

We mustn’t be afraid to speak our truths

Be a writer who isn’t afraid to let themselves bleed on the page. A writer people can genuinely relate to. Someone who’s unafraid to share their story and emotions.

To quote Tesia Blake one more time:

Don’t be afraid to write about yourself. It might feel like you’re being egocentric at first, but when you’re as honest as you can be on the page, you’ll find that your story is as universal as it is unique.

We’re all searching for something true and real, and we can be that person for others. I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of seeing the “constant” success people have.

I want honesty and mistakes and humans who share what they truly feel.

So, let’s be different. Let’s be ourselves. And let us unapologetically speak — or rather, write — our truths.

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