The Universe Didn’t Give Me a Choice About Going All in on Medium

I asked the Universe to help me have more time to pursue Medium, I got it tenfold — but I wasn’t ready.

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I discovered Medium in April of this year, 2019.

I instantly fell in love with the feeling of the platform, the talented writers, and the authenticity of the articles. There were so many stories I wanted to read, so I paid the membership fee with no regret.

Eventually, I bumped into a post about making money on Medium. From there, I read a lot more posts about the Medium Partnership Program, how it works, and the possibilities.

I thought, “It can’t be that easy, right?”

After reading more stories and how Medium had changed people’s lives, I knew this was the opportunity I’d been looking for.

The chance to write about topics I’m passionate about and earn money from it, all while reaching an audience that already exists.

I didn’t have time to write for Medium

I wrote my first article in the time found between two freelance writing jobs, launching my blog, and working on a short story I’d submit to a publication here on Medium.

Days later, I published a second. But after that, I couldn’t find time to write another article, which frustrated me.

I tried writing at night, after eight (when I have time) but I’ve never been able to write anything decent by then. My articles come out sloppy and unclear — always have.

Anyway, I kept trying to figure out how to make more time for Medium, and if there were a chance I’d be able to go all in, but I didn’t know what to do.

As always, when life confuses the fuck out of me, I turned to the Universe for some guidance.

I said, “Universe, I want to have more time for Medium. Please help me find more time.” And I let it go.

The day I quit my job

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One day, with a scowl on my face and dread in my chest, I sat down to write an article for one of my jobs, one I’d had for nearly two years. As I typed, wishing I could be doing something else, a solution came to me.

I had to quit this job. I needed more time for Medium, and this was the chance I was searching for.

I made the decision right then and there that I’d quit the following month.

Over the next few days, I realized, why am I going to wait? What’s the point? Answer: There’s never a point in waiting.

So, I sent the company an email that day and told them I quit. I got a response the next day — May 31st — and I was free.

Suddenly, I had more time. (But it was more than I wanted.)

I still didn’t know if I would go all in on Medium, or if it could provide me a monthly income, but I would publish more often. That was the plan.

Plans, as we all know by now, never go according to what we had in mind.

I knew I wouldn’t make a thousand bucks (or even a hundred bucks) my first month on Medium, which is why I didn’t quit my second job. I still needed that money.

Well, the Universe took my plead for help, and more time, a little too seriously.

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My remaining client didn’t send me any work the first week of June, or the second, or… the rest of the whole freaking month.

I didn’t earn anything but two bucks from Medium in June.

It wouldn’t have been that bad of a problem if it weren’t for the timing. My family has been struggling financially, and they depended on me to pay for the food and all our basic needs.

So, my money was decreasing, and I had no job to make it back. (I didn’t get another job for personal reasons.)

The Universe didn’t give me a choice but to go all in on Medium. I asked for more time, I got it tenfold.

But I didn’t go all in.

I didn’t take advantage of my time

I said I would publish one post every day in June, but I only ended up uploading thirteen.

I didn’t believe in myself, I was afraid and stressed because of the money, but most of all, I was lazy. I didn’t feel like writing, so I didn’t.

I had all the time in the world, and I took it for granted.

I was pissed, disappointed, and annoyed at myself, but I also accepted my mistake and moved on.

But the Universe gave me a second chance

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July first came around, and I assumed my client would send me work.

I sent him a message asking if I’d get any work this month. His reply? “I can’t promise anything.”

Surprisingly, I wasn’t worried or stressed. I was actually pretty happy because it was the Universe’s way of giving me a second chance.

“You fucked up the first time, make this one count,” She (probably) said.

It looks like I’d have another month to try to go all in, to give Medium a good chance. It was the opportunity I couldn’t let pass by because it wouldn’t come again.

So, I got serious.

Making the most out of my second chance

It’s the fifteenth today, and I’ve published fifteen articles.

I’ve only made $14.98 this month so far, but I’m not disappointed or feeling the slightest bit discouraged. I understand that I’m just getting started and still have a lot to learn.

I’m trusting the process and trusting that everything will be okay in the end.

If not, why would the Universe give me this chance?

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You have to trust the process

I asked for help, and the Universe gave it to me. Maybe it wasn’t what I’d asked for, but it was what I needed.

I haven’t applied to another job. I’m believing and hoping with everything in me that by the end of the month, I will have made enough money to let me quit my freelancing job. (And, right now, I don’t need much.)

I’m trusting that this opportunity the Universe provided me with will have great results, so I refuse to get a job.

If that sounds crazy to you, it’s because it probably is.

But I’m choosing to believe in myself, my writing skills, my growth, and Medium.

Now and then, you gotta be a little crazy to reach your goals.

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