This is How the Good Guys Win

We can’t let our anger consume us. We can’t let them win.

This morning, the Trump administration announced that they’re going to start denying green cards to legal immigrants who use public benefits, such as food stamps and subsidized housing.

The anger that boiled within me was enough to get me to write a rant article I’m not going to publish because it’s just one negative thought after another.

The piece was about all the unfairness and injustice in the world. When I finished, I looked up and realized I didn’t want to find anything good in the world.

How could I possibly smile when there’s a shitstorm going on? How can I laugh when real people are affected by all the wrong decisions people make?

My chest was burning, and I wanted to go back to bed, curl up under a blanket, and watch Netflix. I wanted to feel something else and escape this reality.

But what good is that going to do me?

Giving in to your anger is the epitome of bowing down to the enemy. I’m not going to bow down to anyone — let alone Trump.

When you quit, they win.

The homophobes, racists, harassers, assholes, and bullies of the world win when we give in to their taunts and attacks.

We can only do one thing, and that is to attack back.

But we can’t fight fire with fire. We can’t act on impulse and take action that will hurt the other side. We win by making the world a better place.

Whatever you can do to make someone’s life better, to improve our world, and to spread love and positivity, do it. This is how we win.

There’s already so much hate, and I know you feel it too, but you’re still one of the good guys. You still haven’t given in to your anger no matter how badly you’ve wanted to.

Don’t start now.

Instead, harvest the love you have , and let it grow and shine.

Spread your kindness and all the good within you because that’s what people need.

Pain, but I won’t let it turn into hate
No, I won’t let it change me

Lyrics from Youth by Shawn Mendes and Khalid

Photo by Honey Yanibel Minaya Cruz on Unsplash

Start with yourself

If you’re down in the dumps and living under your blanket because you think it’ll keep you safe, you have to get the hell out of there.

You start making the world better when you start with yourself.

This morning, I went upstairs to do exactly what I wanted — to escape into some other world. But while I was up there, I realized I couldn’t do that.

I had a choice to make: I could submit to my anger or do something about it.

As you can see, I went with the latter and started writing this post.

Start improving the world by making a choice. Are you going to give in or will you try and fight?

And every time you encounter another obstacle, the next one always bigger and tougher than the last, ask yourself the same question.

Keep choosing to fight until you’re one-hundred, tired, and ready to move on. But until then, never give in.

A self-help writer trying to be as honest as possible and hoping to make people feel less alone along the way.

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