This was a super interesting article. I've never read about affirmations this way, but it makes a lot of sense.

If I focus on what I'm already good at (i.e., "I am open-minded. I am a hard worker.), it makes me feel even more confident about those areas and attributes. Just saying it aloud gives my self-esteem a little hit because I know they're true.

I always heard that you have to say "I am..." because you want your subconscious to believe something is already true. While I still believe that–with goals, for example-it's hard to fool yourself about yourself.

Saying, "I will be a better listener," works better because it gives you a little goal to work toward. Something to remember to practice throughout the day. Whereas if I were say, "I'm a good listener," I'm lying and pretending. I won't make an effort to be a better listener that way.

I really appreciate you writing this piece. It was an interesting lesson to learn. Thanks!

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