To the Books That Help Us, Heal Us, and Transform Us

A love letter to books from readers everywhere.

Dear books,

You are home.

When we open your cover, we’re giving you permission to take our minds and souls and transfer them to a different world, and you always give us a warm welcome.

Even if you throw us in the middle of a war or a wedding, a hectic scene or a sad one, your words — no matter how different — are so familiar.

Every one of you may be unique but you’re also the same. No matter when you were written, how many pages you have, how tall or small, or whether you’re horror or dystopian, you are the alike.

We welcome you and you welcome us.

When we sit down to read you, we feel like we’re about to step into our homes. There is comfort and safety. When we close your pages and come back to reality, it’s not a simple blink of the eyes.

When we open a book, we’re replaced with a different life. When we close you, it’s like you’re throwing that life back at us, and we have to gasp to take a breath. You kill us, and then you revive us.

Despite how many times you take our souls and minds, jumble them and throw them around, break them, mend them, hate them, and love them, we’ll always come back to you.

If anyone else reads this, they’re going to think we have an unhealthy relationship. Don’t worry, the only ones who will think that are the people who don’t sit down to read every day, ready to see pictures in their minds and feel emotions that aren’t their own.

Readers everywhere will understand.

Readers understand the call to sit down in bed, cover their legs with a blanket, set a cup of coffee or hot chocolate beside them that eventually becomes cold, and open a book.

You’re there for us when others aren’t. You help us, you heal us, you transform us.

Somehow, when you’re breaking our hearts into two or making a tear run down our cheeks, you mend us.

How do you have such a powerful effect? How do you make us feel such contradicting emotions?

Despite your complexities, and paradoxically, your simplicities, we always turn to you. Whether it’s to relax, to escape, to learn, to feel, to believe, you somehow always give us what we need.

That’s something we’ll never be able to repay you for.


Readers everywhere

A self-help writer trying to be as honest as possible and hoping to make people feel less alone along the way.

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