When Being Lazy is A Good Thing

How to feel fueled by your work.

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Two years ago, I’d spend my days binge-watching Lost Girl. I’m talking at least seven episodes per day.

I ran a blog, but watching shows was more fun. Losing myself in lives more interesting than mine was better than writing about things I couldn’t care less about.

When I finished Lost Girl, I realized how lazy I’d been. I spent hours lying down, wasting my life away.

I promised myself I wouldn’t start another show.

I spent the next few weeks working on my blog, but the truth was, I just wanted to watch another show. I felt bored and tired, and never wanted to work.

I caved in one day and started watching Buffy The Vampire Slayer. The same, lazy routine began again.

These days, I watch about three to four episodes of the shows I watch per week. While I used to spend my days being a lazy shit, now I don’t watch said shows until after I’ve finished working at eight.

I can’t even watch more than one episode a night without losing my mind. If there’s one thing I’ve grown to hate, it’s wasting time.

While I like to take breaks to read or talk with my sisters, I don’t ever sit around doing nothing. I wake up at seven to write, and I work practically all day long.

The question is, what changed between 2017 and 2019?

Laziness is a good sign

In a recent Instagram clip, Gary Vaynerchuk spoke about how being lazy is actually a good thing.

He said, “I think we need to stop apologizing for being lazy… use it as an indicator of I don’t like that thing — this job, this relationship, this school, this startup — and then use it as a starting point to try something else on the side that eventually can become your thing, and you can stop doing the thing that you’re ‘lazy’ about.”

In other words, laziness is a sign that you don’t like what you do. It means it’s time to pursue a new venture — something you’ve probably been pushing aside all your life.

When you start dedicating more time to your side-hustle or passion, you’ll find that you suddenly don’t want to take a two-hour nap every evening. You stop wanting to binge-watch shows and play video games for hours on end.

You just want to work on your passion. There’s no space for laziness when you love what you do.

You wake up excited and energized, and you’re fueled by your work rather than jaded by it.

“Is it laziness or are you showing yourself that you don’t like that thing?… It becomes a mechanism to self-awareness.”

Gary Vee

Your laziness is trying to tell you to do something fun with your life, an activity you look forward to.

Rather than giving in to yet another hour of scrolling through Twitter, find your thing. The thing that will keep your phone in another room and the television off.

I became lazy and found ways to escape my bland world because I didn’t want to run that old blog or write about topics I had no interest in.

The reason I work hard now isn’t that I naturally have a great work ethic. It’s because I found something I love.

I want to write articles on Medium. I want to reach my goals. I want to sit and lose myself in fake worlds I create.

If I ever fall into that lazy lifestyle again, I know I’ll have a problem because, and I’ll repeat it, laziness is an indicator of what you don’t like.

Sometimes laziness is just a sign that you need rest. I love what I do, but I still have lazy days when I want to sleep in and read fanfics. But that’s just because I’m human.

If your low energy persists and every single day you find yourself feeling unmotivated, take a look at what you do.

There are certainly times we feel tired not because we’ve done too much, but because we’ve done too little of what makes us come alive.

Jim Kwik

Do you really like your job? Are you doing it for the money rather than for passion? Are you trying to build an app because you like it or because everyone else is doing it? Are you following your parents’ footsteps because you want to or because they said you have to?

Use your laziness to your advantage. If you’re tired all the time and unwilling to work, find something you love.

Let it consume you, and let it free you from your cage.

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