When Rock Bottom Is Lower Than You Thought

No one’s going to appear at the top and throw you down a rope.

My family has lost not one but two homes. My dad has found success in many businesses, only for them to fail.

We lost our car, for nearly two months, I was the primary provider for my family, and we’ve reached low after low.

They say hitting rock bottom isn’t all bad because the only way you can go is up. All you can do is take steps to get out of the hole you’re in.

But what happens when your rock bottom isn’t really your rock bottom? What if you keep getting lower and lower?

Instead of getting closer to fresh air, you get farther and farther away from it until the sky has become a mere speck.

I don’t know why that happens. I don’t know if the universe is playing some sick game or if She’s testing us.

I don’t know when you’ll really know you’ve hit the ground so low it starts burning your feet.

I don’t know if you’ll have to climb up a ladder step by step to get out, or if the ground will explode and blast you to the top like some cheesy cartoon because you’ve suffered so much.

But there are two things I do know.

It doesn’t matter if the sky is only a speck from your view, you need to remain hopeful, and you need to keep trying.

You need to have hope

I don’t care if you have no house, no car, and no money.

I don’t care that you’re forty-five with a family and living with your parents.

I don’t care if you’ve fucked up everything you’ve ever tried, disappointed your family, or did things you regret.

No matter what, you can’t lose hope.

Every day you have to wake up and believe with every inch of your soul that today is going to be a better day.

You have to hope that something will finally work in your favor and elevate you a step toward getting the fuck out of the hole you’re.

You must believe that magic will happen. That, no matter what the universe has put you through, She has your back.

The universe wants you to win and will support you when you finally figure it out.

Photo by 广博 郝 on Unsplash

Hope is what keeps us going. My family and I have three main goals: to buy a place where none of my siblings and I have to share a room, a car, and to be financially stable.

The belief we have in these goals and that they’ll come true is what pushes us to be more positive, keep pushing one another, and take more action.

You have to take action

But you can’t just hope, because hope is not enough.

Hope is enough to keep you alive and to keep you trying, but if you don’t actually try anything, you remain hopeful for no reason.

No one is going to appear at the top and throw down a rope. You have to find a way to get out yourself.

You can get help from others, but you have to take the action that will get you out of that hole.

My parents have tried all types of businesses.

My mom sold makeup, then lotion, and my dad made online courses, built websites, edited videos, and more.

They’re not waiting for some miracle to happen, for an opportunity to fall from the sky.

They’re creating those opportunities and seeking ways to make a better life for us.

They may not have found success yet, but they will. And you will too.

You have to try. Anything.

Try your craziest ideas; try every approach. Put in the work and remain hopeful that it’ll work every time.

Don’t ever think, “This is too crazy.”

Always assume that what you do will take you to success.

Believe in yourself and your actions.

Because what’s the point in doing the opposite?

Have hope and keep trying. That’s the best you can do.

Previously published by Thought Catalog at https://thoughtcatalog.com.

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