When You Work From Home, Your Days Are Unpredictable

Always expect the unexpected.

Some days, I wake up and change from pajamas to jeans and a t-shirt before I start writing. Other days, I’ll stay in pajamas until two in the afternoon.

Normally, I work downstairs in the living room or on the kitchen table. There are days, however, when I wake up so cold and tired, that I’ll stay in bed to write.

When you work from home, your workday won’t always look the same. Some events will, like your morning or writing routine, but most things are unpredictable.

I always write in the morning from seven to ten — that never changes. Everything else, though, depends on how I feel.

You’re not usually supposed to do what you feel like doing, especially when it comes to work. On the other hand, when it comes to where you work or what you wear as you work, you should listen to yourself.

We’re not forced to do our hair, wear the proper attire, or even brush our teeth right away.

You’ll have days when you wake up and do all of that because it makes you feel good, but I’m writing this to tell you that if you want to stay in your pajamas and work in bed all day long, you so fucking can.

Some people will tell you to put on some clothes, wash your face, and get ready so you can have the most productive day.

On the days you feel like shit and totally unmotivated, doing that can be helpful. Putting on jeans, fixing your hair, and wearing a shirt that’s not a t-shirt will help you get into a productive state of mind.

But not always.

One of the perks we have of working from home is that we don’t have to follow a lot of rules. If you start applying rules you don’t like, the process you’re supposed to love will become less enjoyable.

This morning, I didn’t want to change. It was cold, so I slipped on some slippers, put on sweatpants and an oversized sweater, and got to work. Then, I made some hot chocolate and paused every five minutes from writing to hold the mug in my hands so they could warm up.

Such a lazy look and feel didn’t affect my productivity. I wrote a 1,000-word article and edited two — all in three hours.

Other than your habits or schedule, your day doesn’t always need to look the same.

You shouldn’t feel guilty if you wake up one day and go straight to the bathroom to put on some makeup or shave your beard and then the next, you crawl to get your laptop and work on the floor.

Humans have a lot of complex feelings, and sometimes you just need to follow them to see where they lead you.

Not everything is about where you work and how you look

When you have a job, you’re forced to go to work and be productive. When you don’t have anyone bossing you around, you can practically do whatever the hell you feel like doing.

While this is a time you shouldn’t cave into your feelings and do some work, forcing yourself doesn’t always help you achieve your goals.

I had a productive morning — and am still having a focused day— but I could wake up tomorrow and not want to get up. I’ll get up, of course, but I might try to be productive and everything could go to shit.

Just as I’ve had days when I work for ten hours, I’ve had days when, even after trying five times, I can’t complete an article.

Most likely, you won’t have deadlines or reasons to finish your work that day, so it’ll be easy to take a two-hour nap or binge-watch a sitcom.

Your days are never going to look the same. You should plan, schedule, and have to-do lists, but always expect the unexpected.

Don’t have your sights planned on a perfect week because there’s no such thing

You might want to complete seven articles for Medium this week, but then your family decides to surprise you.

If you live alone, your life might be a little easier in terms of interruption from people, but you definitely can’t expect perfection if you live with others.

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve planned my day only to have it disrupted by someone coming down to tell me a story.

Yes, shit can happen at work too, but the unexpected is more likely when you work from home.

Always be prepared for anything, never beat yourself up, and try your best. Take it day by day, and adjust when you need to.

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