Where Do Ideas Come From?

Ideas come from the magic that is you, and the magic all around you.

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Just an hour ago, I felt like I was losing my mind because I couldn’t come up with an article to write.

After struggling for about forty-five minutes, I got up, grabbed a towel, and decided to take a shower.

I can always count on walking out of a hot shower with at least one idea worth pursuing. I stepped into the water, and as I started washing my hair, I wondered what I should write.

My mind was too loud, and it wouldn’t shut up, so I stopped my thoughts in their tracks.

I focused on the hum of the vent fan, the water hitting the bathtub, and slowed my movements. I allowed myself to relax, take a breath, simply enjoy the time off.

It was at that moment that the question popped to mind: Where do ideas come from?

I came up with the answer right away. Ideas come from anything and everything.

Ideas come from warm showers and blooming flowers. They come from books and songs with catchy hooks, overheard conversations and frustrations, laughter with your best friend and walks in the park on the weekend.

Our ideas come from a grandfather taking a walk with his granddaughter outside in the rain. They ignite when scary movies make you fear even the mundane.

They appear when you feel a burst of joy when you reach a goal and when your insecurities make you feel like you’re losing control. Ideas come from uncertainties that keep you in bed and the daydreams in our head.

If ideas don’t come from something else, they come from the magic within you.

Ideas are brewing in the cake you’re baking, the heart that’s breaking, and the nerves that leave you shaking.

They come from the sun and the moon and the ocean, the dreams you’ve finally put into motion.

They’re waiting for you under the warmth of a blanket on a rainy day and in the best moments you had today.

They’re in your head even when you’re overwhelmed and stressed or so sad you wonder why the Universe had to put you through this test.

They bloom while you work and cry and laugh and dance and sing.

They fall from the sky as rain and make noise as loud as thunder. Ideas are in the most obvious places and in the ones you refuse to wander.

Ideas come from anything and everything.

Take a look at yourself. If ideas don’t come from something else, they come from the magic within you.

They come from your vulnerability, courage, and power. They come from an incredible human being who beat the odds (four-hundred trillion to one) and to exist. They come from someone who can breathe and feel and experience.

Ideas come the magic that is you, and the magic all around you.

Ideas are anywhere and everywhere. You just have to reach out, grasp them, and fly with them.

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