Why You Need to Stop Watching Netflix During the Day

Get more done, and have a better streaming experience at night.

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I used to love watching Netflix in the middle of the day.

I would work throughout the morning and parts of the afternoon, and then when I decided to take a break, I’d sit on the couch to watch an episode of my show.

I did this for years, a couple of times a week.

One day, I hadn’t had a chance to take more than a short break because I had a lot to finish. By the time I was done with everything on my to-do list, it was around nine or nine-thirty.

I wanted nothing more than to do nothing. So, I turned on the television, opened Netflix, and started watching my program.

It was the best watching experience I’d ever had.

From there, I stopped watching Netflix during the day. Here’s why.

You don’t worry about the work you need to do later

Whenever I watched an episode in the middle of the day, there was a voice in the back of my mind reminding me I still had work to complete.

My to-do list and all its tasks would haunt me, and I’d feel guilty for pushing them off.

Once I started watching Netflix at night, after I’d gotten all of my work done, I could genuinely relax.

I wasn’t stressed about the article I needed to write later, or how I had to work on my story because I’d already worked on them.

You enjoy it more because you earned the break

As I said, I couldn’t help but feel guilty for watching Netflix during the day. I never felt like I’d actually earned the episode, which I hadn’t.

I deserved a break — like twenty minutes to read or lay in bed, listening to music — but to watch Netflix in the middle of the day? Not cool.

Watching shows was the last thing I had to be doing.

When I started watching an episode after work, that guilt went away because I knew I’d worked hard throughout the day.

There wasn’t space to think about anything other than the show because I knew I deserved the break I was taking.

You can watch more than one episode

Every episode of a series is meant to keep you hooked.

During the day, you can’t watch the next episode because you have to get back to work. (We all know that sucks.)

If you do give in and watch another, the regret will eat you for the rest of the day as you catch up with work.

You can forget about that regret at night.

Once your workday is over, and you’re ready to take your me-time, you can watch more than one episode without feeling guilty.

Your day should be about work

Unless you’re a night owl who loves working until three in the morning, you should spend your day focusing on work.

If you have goals and dreams you want to reach, then you need to put Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and all the other streaming apps on the back burner.

When you watch a program during the day, it’s easy to become relaxed and lazy. Getting back to work is harder than it should be.

So, hustle hard during the day and earn your break at night.

The key: Be strict

It’s easy to give in to the relief shows can offer when you’re struggling with work or having a bad day, but you have to learn to deal with those things head on.

Binging shows is an addiction. It’s not as severe or harmful as other addictions, but some people have taken watching shows too far.

They watch six forty-minute episodes a day, do nothing with their lives, and then wonder why they’re still stuck in the same place.

You have to be strict. Remind yourself of your goals, the future you want for yourself, and the person you want to be.

This solution is a win-win.

Not only do you get to work hard and focus during the day, but you also get to enjoy your nights without worry.

Don’t let watch tv shows be the only thing you do

I love shows. I love the way they make me feel and how they draw me in. But shows are not everything.

I probably made it sound as though I watch tv every night, but I don’t. I enjoy reading before bed, playing sudoku or gin with my sister, or I’ll just talk about dumb crap with family.

Spend nights journaling, painting, or strumming your guitar. If you watch Netflix, watch it at night — but don’t watch it every night.

Don’t forget to live your life.

Not an expert. Not a guru. Just a self-help writer trying to be as honest as possible and hoping to make a few people feel less alone along the way.

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