You Are Not Boring For Liking What You Like

Whether reading all day or partying all night is fun for you, you do you.

The other night, my cousins were going to a club to dance and drink. While they were getting ready, my aunts and grandma asked me the one question they always ask despite knowing the answer.

“No quires ir con ellas?” You don’t want to go with them?

My response, as usual, was no.

Then, comes my favorite reply: “Booooring.

I have to contain an eye roll every time. I love my family, but I wish they wouldn’t judge my likes and dislikes because they’re different from theirs.

The way I feel — what they like to do is tiresome. Drinking, parties, and having to scream to have a conversation over music that’s too loud doesn’t just annoy me ; it makes my eyelids heavy.

Sometimes, people argue and say I’d enjoy the party if I were in good company, but that’s not true either. I’ve been to a couple of parties with my best friends of six years, and I still don’t enjoy them. It’s the environment I dislike and make me uncomfortable.

I enjoy the Denny’s breakfast and conversation at one in the morning afterward ten times more. Does that make me dull?

I used to think it did. I felt that because I didn’t enjoy what my friends did — what it seemed like most people liked — made me lame and uncool. I mean, how often do you meet a twenty-one-year-old who doesn’t drink because they choose not to?

But then I realized what I like has nothing to do with how “cool” I am or not. You like what you like, and some people will find it boring while others will love it as much as you.

We all enjoy different things

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I like to read, and I even set goals to read a certain of books every year. I like to write fanfiction in my spare time, and I love meeting new people as long as I’m in a small group. I’d rather have a small picnic at the park than attend an event with too many strangers.

Some people enjoy going to concerts five times a month. Others, playing cards and searching magic tricks, or making fruit tarts. Coding, competing in obstacle courses, riding horses, fishing, or blogging — these are all different types of interests people could have.

I bet some of those sound lame to you, but who are you to judge?

Who are you to decide what’s cool, and what’s lame?

This article might sound childish, but it’s not just teenagers who judge each other for their likes and dislikes — adults act this way too.

One person will judge the other for choosing to stay home on a Friday night even if that’s how that person wants to relax after a hard-working week. They’ll call each other lame for not staying a little longer and having another drink.

Some might not take it to heart, but some will. Some people, like me, are insecure and believe their friends will get bored with them, that they’ll find someone better.

When someone picks at these doubts, it makes it hard not to feel like you did something wrong or like you don’t belong. This is why we can’t bully each other because of our interests.

The only person who gets to decide what’s cool is you — but you only get to decide for yourself.

No one, not even you, has the right to tell someone else that what they like is lame. It’s not up to us to decide that what one person enjoys is boring.

Be yourself. People don’t have to like you, and you don’t have to care.


You should never feel ashamed of your interests. Don’t be embarrassed by your hobbies and what you like to do in your spare time.

You do you

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You’re not boring for liking what you like.

There are thousands of people who also enjoy the activities you’re into, and they’d probably think you were the most fun person on Earth.

You have to do you. You have to embrace what you love, and do what you like unapologetically.

This is the one chance you get at life, so you have to do the things that make you genuinely happy before your chance is over.

Life is too short to do things you don’t like to impress people who most likely don’t even give a crap what you do.

If you do get judged, ignore those people. The people who talk crap only say what they say because they’re too insecure to admit their own hobbies.

I am who I am. Not who you think I am. Not who you want me to be. I am me.

Brigitte Nicole

The truth is, they probably enjoy the same things as you, and they’re jealous because you have the guts to admit it, and they don’t.

What makes people cool isn’t what they like to do. What draws us to people is their confidence in what they enjoy. People who do what they want (in a non-asshole, rebellious teenager kind of way) are attractive because they live life according to their terms.

It’s time you live life according to your own terms, too. Start saying no to doing things you don’t like and yes to the things you do.

Love that you love what you love. Love yourself as you are, and show yourself off to the world. That’s what makes you inspiring and cool as fuck.

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